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Marketing Mission Videos

Marketing Mission: Developing A Marketing Plan

Air date: 2/9/21

Join the Fitchburg Chamber & Park Bank's, Leslie Osman to learn how to build a successful marketing plan. The key to successful marketing is understanding your goals and developing a plan that works to reach them. Sometimes, saying ‘no’ to a marketing idea is just as strategic as saying ‘yes’. In this talk, you’ll leave with some insight into building your marketing plan and how to develop one that supports your goals, resources, and budget.

Marketing Mission: Sue Gresham, The LinkedIn Lady

Air date: 1/12/21

Join the Fitchburg Chamber and Sue Gresham the learn 4 simple yet necessary strategies for success using LinkedIn. Whether you are someone who needs a little push to get started on LinkedIn or an active user, you’ll benefit by attending and learning what it takes to grow your personal and business brand on LinkedIn

Marketing Mission: SEO Tips with Tingalls

Air date: 12/8/20

Join the Fitchburg Chamber & Tingalls for an inside scoop on content-based Search Engine Optimization. Big website or small, you don’t want to miss these five specific areas where keywords are not only important, but essential for optimal ranking with Google and other search engines.

Marketing Mission: The Ins and Outs of Instagram - Part 2

Air date: 11/10/20

Join the Fitchburg Chamber and Hiebing for two part training on Instagram! We’ll walk you through inspiring examples of creative and share the steps of how to get there. You’ll learn the tools, time and techniques that are already at your fingertips.

Marketing Mission: The Ins and Outs of Instagram - Part 1

Air date: 10/13/20

Join the Fitchburg Chamber and Hiebing for two part training on Instagram! We?ll explore ways to get the most out of your investment in the platform by covering types of content to develop, best practices, engaging relevant communities and how to dip your toes into paid support.

Marketing Mission: 5 Strategies For Live Video

Air date: 9/8/20

Live streaming has become essential: For now it's how we work, see family, and connect with friends. Learn the ins and outs of live video to help you expand your reach. Nick Palkowski will guide you in creating your professional live video, and he’ll demonstrate the power of live video in increasing your credibility and setting you apart from the crowd. We will explore the most up-to-date strategies used by successful local businesses to share their message, build an audience, and strengthen their impact.

Marketing Mission: Podcasts

Air date: 8/11/20

In the same way that Netflix changed the way we watch television, podcasts are exploding in popularity. This has created a massive opportunity for brands, companies and associations to engage with customers and members and build brand equity that produces results. Dusty Weis, of Podcamp Media, outlines the benefits of podcasting, demonstrate the steps that go into producing a podcast, and discuss the finer points of podcast strategy.

Marketing Mission: Facebook Advertising

Air date: 7/14/20

Facebook advertising can be a relatively inexpensive way to reach highly specific target audiences. In this presentation, Brian Lee, President of Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media, will demonstrate ad setup, including choosing objectives, demographics and budget. He also will explain how to set up Business Manager, create lookalike audiences and create re-marketing ads to better engage your prospective customers.

Marketing Mission: Social Media Calendars

Air date: 6/9/20

Social Media Strategist and Operations Manager at GatherX, David Clark-Sally takes a deep dive into the why AND the how-to of creating a social media calendar for your business or your personal brand. You will walk away with practical strategies for planning, scheduling and implementing your social media content effectively and efficiently.

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