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Bob Gorsuch Celebrates 60 Years in Banking

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Oak Bank’s Founder, Madison area’s longest-serving bank executive, receives recognition from the Wisconsin Banking Association.

Fitchburg, WI – 1964. It was the year the Beatles released their first U.S. album; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. received the Nobel Peace Prize, and Bob Gorsuch started his career in banking.

While the first two are certainly well-known moments in American history, Gorsuch is leaving his own mark in Wisconsin as one of just two bankers to achieve 60 years in banking this year and one of just twenty-seven bankers to reach the milestone in the state since 1990, according to the Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA). Gorsuch is also the Madison area’s longest-serving bank executive.

WBA recently honored Gorsuch for his 60-year milestone and contributions to the industry and community during a special luncheon at the largest banking industry event in the state, the WBA Bank Executives Conference.

“The expertise gained and contributions made over the course of six decades are truly invaluable,” said Rose Oswald Poels, WBA president and CEO. “It is an honor to congratulate Bob Gorsuch on this extraordinary career achievement.”

“I tell people if you hang around long enough, pretty soon these types of accolades will knock on your door,” laughed Gorsuch. “Of course, I am honored to be recognized. I love coming to Oak Bank and helping people start a business, buy a home or car, take out a student loan, whatever the case. It’s truly been a joy.”

After three years of active duty with the U.S. Army, Gorsuch began his banking career in his home state of Michigan with a part-time banking job while in college. He moved to Madison in 1975, where he began a 24-year stint as Park Bank’s president. In the fall of 2000, Gorsuch ventured out on his own and started Oak Bank. Today, while many area banks have merged, Oak Bank is thriving as an independent, locally owned, and operated community bank in Fitchburg.

“I can drive into a small town, and I can tell how good the bank is,” said Gorsuch. “I think a strong, healthy community gets its roots from the local bank. If the bank ownership and employees are genuinely involved in the community and support things like libraries and parks, the community has the foundation for being vibrant and healthy. I am very proud that Oak Bank has been able to stay independent at a time when many banks are merging and possibly leaving behind their connections to the community.”

As an active member of the Fitchburg and surrounding Dane County communities, Gorsuch has served on boards and committees, gives to local charities, hosts events he’s passionate about, and inspires his associates to do the same.

“Bob has realized his vision of building a successful community bank that helps local businesses grow and prosper, and families reach their financial dreams,” said Terry Taylor, Oak Bank President. “Bob is passionate about banking and serving the needs of our local community. We are all thankful for the opportunity to work with Bob and congratulate him on all that he has accomplished.”

“Bob's six decades in banking have been more than a profession; they've been a steadfast commitment to our community's well-being,” said Jason Adamany, Adesys Founder and President and Oak Bank board member. “As founder of Oak Bank, his dedication has been the foundation of financial integrity. Yet, it's Bob’s genuine kindness and supportive words that truly define his character.”

What does Gorsuch want his and Oak Bank’s legacy to be?

“It’s all about the people, and we’ve got some of the best,” said Gorsuch. “Several people at Oak Bank have been here from the beginning, and that’s unusual, and it makes us special. I have tried to lead by example and show that we need to care for and about each other. I think caring can make the difference in how successful your business is, how happy your team is, and that leads to great customer care and a better community.”

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