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Placon Appoints New President, Daniel R. Gilbert


Placon, an industry leader in sustainable thermoformed packaging solutions for the food, retail, and medical markets, has promoted Daniel R. Gilbert to the President of Placon Corporation. This move recognizes Dan’s success as Chief Financial Officer and responds to Placon’s accelerated growth strategy.

Speaking on his new appointment, Dan commented, “I am honored to serve our exceptional team members in this leadership role and look forward to accelerating profitable growth and operational excellence to Placon by focusing our efforts on delivering a world-class customer experience.”

Dan has worked for Placon for seven years, where he has been instrumental in driving two acquisitions and profitable growth. Dan has over 30 years of combined experience in finance, sales, business development, and leadership. He has a diverse background in multiple industries, including manufacturing, technology, banking, and consumer products. Dan also served as an officer and aviator in the United States Marine Corps.

Dan Mohs, former President, will stay active in the company as CEO and Chairman of the Board. Dan stated, “I am pleased to promote Dan Gilbert to the role of President. I have tasked him and am confident that through his leadership, we will double our business in five years while maintaining our long withstanding Placon Way family culture.”

For more information, call Placon at 800.541.1535 or visit

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