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Placon Scales Up for Production of PPE Face Shields


Placon is scaling up production in two of their manufacturing facilities to help get plastic PPE to healthcare workers during this pandemic.

It all began with a call from University of Wisconsin Professor Tim Osswald. He was collaborating and problem-solving with local manufacturers to get a personal protective equipment (PPE) face shield to local healthcare workers in need. Placon quickly agreed to donate plastic die-cut sheet to the project and worked over the weekend to hand-make product. But the process to die-cut the sheet was very labor intensive and manual.

Once word spread about the project, more requests for the die-cut, plastic sheets started rolling in. “We knew we had to automate the process if we really wanted to deliver a significant number of visors quickly to make a positive impact and protect our healthcare workers and first responders battling the Coronavirus,” stated John Rhoades, Director Engineering.

“Our designers, tooling, packaging, and quality engineers acted rapidly to scale up production,” said Dan Mohs, Chairman and CEO. “We are currently producing the subcomponent plastic face shield for several companies to assemble into the finished PPE product. We hope that our small part in producing PPE helps our community and country overcome the challenges we face together.”

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