Sub-Zero Expanding in Fitchburg


Sub-Zero Group Inc. recently announced they are expanding operations in Fitchburg, with a new 350,000-square-foot research and development facility. The $70 million project is expected to create 100 jobs over the next three years.

“We are proud to call Wisconsin home for nearly 75 years, and look forward to bringing new investment, jobs and impact to the local community,” said Brian Jones, senior director of marketing for Sub-Zero. “The Fitchburg expansion is a perfect example of the astounding growth and opportunity that are possible when a company and a community work together.”

Sub-Zero currently operates manufacturing facilities in Fitchburg and Goodyear, AZ. The new facility will serve as a research and development center that will drive innovation for next-generation products. In addition to the 100 jobs expected to be created by the company, an economic modeling study estimates the project could indirectly generate 122 additional jobs in the region. Those 222 new jobs are expected to generate $2.8 million in state income tax revenue over a five-year period.

“The City of Fitchburg is grateful that Sub-Zero Group Inc. has again chosen to invest in our community with the construction of this latest project, its research and development facility,” said Fitchburg Mayor Aaron Richardson. “The city and Sub-Zero’s private/public partnership goes back over 20 years, and we continue to grow and strengthen our relationship. Not only is Sub-Zero a great corporate partner—they invest in Fitchburg each and every day as one of the city’s largest employers. Thank you to WEDC and Sub-Zero Group Inc. for its commitment and investments in the City of Fitchburg.”