Your Business Can Be A Part Of Fitchburg History

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The Fitchburg Historical Society is gathering information on the history of businesses in Fitchburg. The historical society would like a short history of companies that have settled here, and why they decided to locate in Fitchburg. Many of these companies are small, but some have branches in other cities and a few are national and international companies with a local branch office or manufacturing site in Fitchburg.

If you are interested in participating in this project, and being a part of Fitchburg history, please submit a fairly short history of when, why and how the business began, with 1-2 photos. Businesses can submit their history or get more information by emailing A hard copy of the histories will be placed in the Fitchburg Historical Society office in the Fitchburg Public Library. An electronic copy will be placed in the Digital FHS Database and also on the historical society website