Website Sponsorships Available

We have sponsorships available on our Fitchburg Chamber website!  We have 2 sizes to choose from.  The website sponsorship is a great way to reach a wide audience.

Sponsorship pricing:

$675 for 6 consecutive months

$995 for 12 consecutive months

Space is limited and goes fast!  For more information, please Kate Wicker, or call 288-8284.

For a list of all our sponsorship opportunities click here.


Concerts at McKee – It’s a Party in the Park!

The Concerts at McKee is one of Fitchburg’s premier outdoor summer events. Be sure to mark your calendar for June 19, July 17 & August 21, 2017 for these lively parties in the park! Bring a picnic and a bottle of wine or have dinner at one of our many food carts and brew carts […]

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