Thysse. Where You Go With Your Brand.

Thysse Printing Service and Thysse Design have combined to form the new “Thysse. Where you go with your brand.

Thysse was unveiled on June 26th, with a new name, logo, tagline and website. The new identity reflects Thysse’s commitment to innovative thought, exceptional design, and the physical production of ideas. The new tagline, “where you go with your brand,” emphasizes the company’s investment to a design first approach, while highlighting the breadth of services offered.

“We want to be able to offer our customers a one stop experience for their brand. Whether they need design services, brand guidance, or a printed brochure or signage, we have the expertise to provide all the resources they need and all under one roof,” stated Jason Thysse, President.

The new highlights the services Thysse offers. Congrats to The Thysse Team on this exciting news!


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