Susan G. Komen Announces $31 Million For New Research Grants

Susan G. Komen has announced their 2017 research funding of $30.7 million for 98 research grants, focusing on new treatments and understanding of the most lethal forms of breast cancer. The grants include $630,000 in new funding for research at two Wisconsin institutions, bringing Komen’s total research investment in Wisconsin to $7,891,678 since 1982.

Since 1998, Komen Wisconsin has funded $19,021,173 to community programs serving local women and men, while contributing $6,442,107 to Komen research.

“We are focused on new treatments, ways to overcome drug resistance in breast cancer patients, and a better understanding of how and why breast cancer spreads, so that we can better treat metastatic breast cancer or prevent it all together,” said Ellen Willmott, interim president and CEO of Susan G. Komen. “This focus on aggressive and metastatic disease is the foundation of our Bold Goal to reduce U.S. breast cancer deaths by 50 percent by 2026.”

Eui-Jun Kim, Ph.D., at the University of Wisconsin Madison will receive $180,000 to study how the changes to DNA in triple negative breast cancer, through a process called methylation, controls genes that are involved in metastasis. Dr. Kim will study how the gene BAF155 contributes to breast tumor development. The goal is to prevent tumor development and metastasis through treatments targeting this process.

In addition to research, Komen and its nationwide network of Affiliates serve women and men in thousands of communities. More than $2.1 billion has been invested in community programs that provide education, screening and treatment support.


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