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St. James School

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Full Description

A Catholic school located in downtown Madison near Meriter and St. Mary's Hospitals. Our enrollment starts at 2 years and 9 months and goes through 8th grade.

About St. James School

St. James School educates nearly 200 students from 4-K through 8th grade. Our staff, teachers and volunteers are deeply vested in the future of our students; their dedication ensures high expectations and strong student achievement. With a curriculum focused on academics, service and community we teach our children to look beyond themselves and to provide service through faith. We prepare our students for success by challenging each child to reach their individual potential and accept responsibility for their own learning and behavior. At St. James we believe that character growth and academic  progress are interchangeable in producing responsible high school students who wish to lead lives of Christian values. With 47% students of color, St. James is 4x the state average for Private Schools and 2x the state average for Public Schools. Our school upholds our mission of Education for Everyone by welcoming all who share our vision! At St. James, every student has the opportunity to share, understand, and celebrate our multi-cultural community. St. James is known as the small school with a huge heart.  Our small population creates a sense of personal importance and belonging for each individual. The “family feel” and true sense of community is what sets our school apart from any other.  At St. James, no student is overlooked and every student is held accountable for their actions. With an educational program that expands conventional curriculum, St. James students are made active participants in the learning process – not passive observers. Providing an academic environment rich with opportunities and possibilities makes each day at St. James lively and involving. At St. James, programs implemented are designed to develop the morality and strengthen the character of each student. AT ST. JAMES CATHOLIC SCHOOL: We have built a TRADITION of success, preparing students for a future in academics, the arts, technology and service to others. We strive for academic EXCELLENCE challenging students to excel with a continually developing curriculum. We work together to build a strong faith COMMUNITY rooted in the practice of the Catholic faith.


1204 St James Ct, Madison, WI 53715