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Oak Bank LogoEvery bank says that they value your business. What makes Oak Bank different? It’s simple…our people. From our leadership team to our financial experts and personal bankers, you will always have a relationship with someone at Oak Bank who makes meeting your needs their top priority. We also strive to be flexible and personal when working with you. We realize that your banking needs are unique, which is why we’ll never recommend a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our staff thrives on the opportunity to develop creative solutions for any of your business or personal banking challenges. Oak Bank is also a local bank, meaning we’re always available and always responsive. Whether you have a financial opportunity or a financial crisis, you’ll have a banking partner who will be responsive to your needs and help you make decisions or get the information you need promptly. Oak Bank combines personalized attention & innovative services to meet the financial needs of individuals in our neighborhoods & businesses located throughout the Madison area. At Oak Bank, we’re always working to meet your needs and be the best bank for you because, as we like to say, you can’t be the best, if you’re only the same!      


Oak Bank


5951 McKee Road, Ste. 100, Fitchburg, WI 53719


(608) 441-6000

“Oak Bank handles all of our business banking, plus our personal banking too. They are always there for us, and are very prompt handling any needs or questions that we may have. We appreciate Oak Bank’s knowledge of non-profit organizations and their unique needs. They believe in the mission of Easter Seals Wisconsin. We greatly value our partnership and the support of Oak Bank.” - Christine Fessler Easter Seals Wisconsin

“Oak Bank understands my business and Jim is the first person I talk to when planning to expand Adesys because I know I will get sound advice with insightful questions. I get quick decisions and responses in a timely manner; my requests have been approved within minutes. What sets Oak Bank apart from other banks is the personal attention. My business can’t be the best if my bank is the same.” - Jason Adamany, Adesys

“Oak Bank offers Badger Popcorn all the modern banking tools that the largest banks in this market offer, yet is still able to maintain a personal relationship with us. The result is an extremely competitive banking package delivered by folks who know us and actually care about us. From comprehensive Internet Banking to International Wire Transfers, they have the tools we need in today's economy.” - Tim Virnoche, Badger Popcorn

“We worked with a previous bank for years. After becoming just a ‘number’, we joined Oak. We enjoy being on a first name basis with EVERYONE (including the president) there. We like the small personal feel of Oak Bank. Oak Bank handles all of our business banking, plus our personal banking too. There are always there for us, and very prompt handling any needs and questions that we may have. They are always just a phone call away.” -Karen Johannsen, Johannsen’s Greenhouses

“I have worked with Bob Gorsuch for nearly my entire business career. His entire staff at Oak Bank, has always been super friendly and they greet me every time I walk through the door. I also love the fresh baked cookies! Oak Bank gives me encouragement for both my personal and business finances. They help me understand and manage my budget, and have also helped me invest in real estate so that I can increase my net worth for the future.” –Pete Dottle, Ideal Body Shop

“Oak Bank has always treated me like I was important. They have helped me keep my banking costs reasonable and are always working with me to find the best services and rates to maximize my earnings. They listen to my issues and suggest ways to make our banking more efficient. I feel one of the best attributes of Oak Bank is their genuine interest in my company and our banking needs, as well as my personal banking needs. They communicate with me on a regular basis to make sure everything is going well and find out if I need anything. I would highly recommend Oak Bank to any business or individual for all their banking needs.” –Kim M. Lobdell, P.E., KL Engineering

“Oak Bank understands small business. They have helped us with cash flow, inventory, expenses and have been our partner in controlling our growth. We couldn’t be successful without a good, personal relationship with our banker.” – Tom Virnoche, Badger Popcorn