Initial Design Work on New Verona Area School Begins

The design process has begun on the new Verona Area High School building! A group of staff and planning experts is nearing a preliminary design for the site.

It will be 3+ years before the school opens in the fall of 2020, but the “Visioning Design Team” – 15 high school employees, 2 district staff and consultants from Eppstein Uhen Architects – has met 4 times so far.

EUA public outreach specialist Jill Huskisson explained in a follow-up email that the team serves as an “exploratory venue” for developing concepts that could very well change based on budget and feasibility.

“Once the VDT and EUA designers have fully developed plans they will be reviewed by civil engineers and J.H. Findorff,” she said.

The “Visioning Design Team” is planning on the new high school to have a “U” shape, with public venues on each end. A fieldhouse is on the east and the pool and auditorium are on the west, with classrooms and common space housed in between. These are early design ideas that could change before the process moves to “design development,” which is when more detailed planning of individual spaces will be done.

One major decision that was made was to have the fieldhouse extending north from the end of the building, largely because that design would allow for a better location of entrances for events, as well as a tech ed shop and the more beneficial outdoor areas. Some members of the group visited three out-of-state schools over a weekend in May, toured the Epic campus in Verona and saw drawings and photos from other new high schools around the country, to help them make this design decision.

To see materials from the VDT meetings thus far, visit


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