FACTv Launches New Design

New FACTvFitchburg Access Community Television or FACTv launched a new design for their three channels along with changing the format on one of the three channels to now have commercials run in-between programming.

“Our staff have has worked vary hard the last 6 months to get this project off the ground”, say’s Jeremy Crosby the Community Media Services Manager for FACTv. The new format launched on Monday, June 30th.  “We were all excited to watch the Community Channel that morning and things went off without a glitch” according to Jeremy.

The new design to the three channels also included changes to the names of two of the three channels.  The three channels were called Public, Education, and Government.  Now, the Public Channel is called Media, the Education Channel is called Community or COM, and the Government Channel is still called Government or GOV channel.

Along with the new look and names, the Community Channel now has commercials running in-between programs, this replaces the community slide show board that would play in between programs. “Our goal behind changing to this format is to provide viewers with a similar format to traditional TV viewing habits. Before when you would watch our stations you would have to wait anywhere between 8 to 30 minutes for the next program to start.  While you were waiting for your show to come on, you would watch a slideshow that repeats over and over.  We felt changing to this new format would help keep viewers watching our station longer and we still could provide them with community information but in the form of a commercial instead of a slideshow”.  Jeremy also told us that there would not be any paid commercials to start with on the Community Channel.  “We do have to find other funding sources for our station, and with running this new format we are setting ourselves up to run potential paid advertising in the future”.

The Community Channel currently will be the only station that runs commercials.  FACTv is running this new format as a test and will look to change the format on the Media Channel to match the Community Channel in the future depending on how well this method works.

The Media and Community Channel are running some new programing along with programing created by FACTv and others in the community.  The Community Channel will also be running some public domain programing including: older movies, cartoons on Saturday mornings, and some new educational programing weekday mornings.

For the full list of shows, schedules, and more please visit the City of Fitchburg’s website FACTv.


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