2017 Crossfit Special at Hybrid Fitness

Hybrid Fitness is offering special “Drop-In” rates of $10/day or $50/week for July 29-Aug 6th!

Hybrid is featuring:

5 GHD Machines
1 Big Tire and Sledge Hammers
2000+ Sq. Feet of Open Turf
Med Balls and Targets 14-30 lbs.
Infinity Rack and 5 stand-alone racks
2 Climbing Ropes and 8-10 Rogue Boxes (regulation height)
2 Assault Bikes, 8 Concept 2 Rowers and Jump Ropes
Distance around the building: 400m, with additional measured markers at 50m & 100m


Bike The Art September 2017

Bike The Art is holding another ride this September, beginning at the BTC in Fitchburg! The ride will begin at 1:30pm at the BTC on September 24th. The September ride will be our second longest at 17 miles. As always, come for all or part of the tour. It’s free and open to the public (excluding lunch […]

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